Best YouTube Channels For University Students To Stay Motivated

Welcome to our curated guide to the best YouTube channels tailored specifically for university students!

Navigating the challenges of university life can be both exciting and daunting, but fear not, as we’ve handpicked a selection of channels to inform, inspire, and support you on your academic journey.

From study tips and time management strategies to career advice and personal development, these channels offer invaluable resources to help you thrive in and out of the lecture hall. Whether you’re seeking expert guidance on exam preparation, seeking motivation to stay focused, or simply looking for a dose of entertainment to unwind, our list has you covered. 

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Mikalyla Mags

Meet Mikalyla, a student content YouTuber who makes videos on all things related to student life 

With her warm and engaging personality, Mikayla effortlessly breaks the complexities of academic life, offering step-by-step guidance on how to become the perfect student.

 From effective study techniques and time management strategies to tips for overcoming procrastination and staying motivated, her videos are packed with actionable advice to help students excel in their studies.

Through her videos, she romanticises the act of studying with scenic study montages, cosy study setups, and soothing background music, which will definitely motivate you to get started! 

Be sure to subscribe to Mikayla’s YouTube channel, we are sure you will leave feeling a lot more motivated!


Some students find inspiration from tips and tricks and some from inspiring vlogs, and if you fall in the second category then Stephanie is the perfect YouTuber for you. 

She candidly documents her study sessions, from finals week to assignments and so much more. 

She has several vlogs where he studies for 10 hours in the library and has midnight study sessions, so you know she is serious about this!

Seeing her commitment to her studies and her unwavering effort to excel is sometimes the push we need to do better. 

Be sure to subscribe to Stephanie’s YouTube channel and get your weekly boost of motivation to get started with your work!

Unjaded Jade

Jade is one of our personal favourite study YouTubers that we think you all should follow. 

She graduated from an unconventional university which allowed her to travel to several countries around the world as she completed her programme. 

Through her journey as a university student, she has made several videos with invaluable tips on how you can improve your grades and optimise the resources you have. 

Trust us when we tell you that it is not your typical tips but rather well-thought-out suggestions that can actually help you up your student game. 

She gained popularity through her real-time study-with-me sessions that lasted for several hours and felt like a friend who is virtually supporting you in getting your work done. 

Whether you are looking for motivation to get started or would like a virtual study buddy, UnJaded Jade is definitely one of the best YouTube channels for university students that you should check out!

Ali Abdaal 

If we are discussing the best YouTube channels for university students, then we cannot miss Ali Abdaal. 

Ali Abdaal, a medical doctor turned YouTuber and productivity guru, has cultivated a thriving community of university students seeking to excel academically and live fulfilling lives. His channel offers practical advice and a wealth of content tailored specifically to the needs and challenges of people in all stages of life including university students.

With his blend of intelligence, wit, and authenticity, Ali shares his personal insights and experiences on topics ranging from study techniques and productivity hacks to career advice and personal development.

 His videos are not only informative but also highly engaging, as he effortlessly combines expertise with relatable anecdotes and a touch of humour.

Whether you are a first-year student or about to graduate, we are sure that Ali Abdaal’s YouTube channel has something that you can benefit from. 

Abbey Robins

With her insightful content and relatable approach, Abbey’s channel is a treasure trove of invaluable advice and motivation, making it a must-watch for UK students seeking to thrive in both their academic and professional endeavours.

Abbey’s expertise shines through in her videos on study mistakes to avoid, offering practical insights and actionable tips to help students optimise their learning strategies and achieve academic success.

But Abbey’s channel goes beyond academic excellence – she also provides invaluable guidance on personal development and self-improvement. With her videos on actionable tips to change your life for the better, Abbey inspires viewers to set goals, cultivate positive habits, and unleash their inner potential, both inside and outside the classroom.

If you are looking for the best YouTube channels for university students, then you should definitely check out Abbey Robins’s YouTube channel.

In conclusion, these YouTube channels tailored for university students offer invaluable resources for staying motivated, inspired, and empowered throughout your academic journey. 

From productivity gurus and study experts to relatable vloggers, these channels provide a wealth of wisdom, practical advice, and relatable content to help students navigate the challenges of university life with confidence and resilience. 

By tapping into the diverse array of perspectives and insights offered by these creators, students can cultivate positive habits, overcome obstacles, and unleash their full potential, ensuring that their university experience is not just a period of academic growth, but also a transformative journey of personal and professional development. 

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